List of Subdivisions in Lucena City Quezon Province Philippines

Source: BIR RDO60 2002 Zonal Values

This is probably incomplete, as I took only the obvious subdivisions from the Zonal Values list. Please send additions and corrections to

Barangay X

    Pantoc Subdivision

Barangay Bocohan


Barangay Cotta

    Capitol Homesite

Barangay Domoit

    Villa Aurea

Barangay Gulang-Gulang

    Andaman Village
    Campo Subdivision
    Capistrano Compound
    Employees Subdivision
    North Employees Subdivision
    La Milagros Subdivision
    LIC Compound
    Marilag Subdivision
    Orgas Subdivision
    Regis Compound
    Saint Peter Subdivision
    Unson Subdivision
    Zaballero Subdivision

Barangay Ibabang Dupay

    Alpsville Subdivision
    Executive Village
    Marville Homes Subdivision
    RGR Subdivision
    University Village

Barangay Ibabang Iyam

    Stephen Compound

Barangay Ilayang Iyam

    Better Living Subdivision
    Calmar Subdivision
    Lourdes Subdivision
    Maharlika Subdivision
    Pleasantville Subdivision
    Rosario Subdivision

Barangay Isabang

    Cuesta Verde Executive Village
    Firenze Subdivision
    Puerto Del Mar Subdivision
    Welmanville Subdivision

Barangay Mayao Castillo

    Firenze Subdivision

Barangay Mayao Kanluran

    Calmar Subdivision

Barangay Mayao Silangan

    Bestland Homes
    Green Meadows Subdivision

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