Lot Leads in Infanta

Two lots of land in Infanta, Quezon, are for sale. The lots are situated in the barangay of Ilog. One lot is 305 sq m and the other is 121 sq m. They are not connected but very close to each other. The lots are located in a subdivision area about 300 m from the town proper. There are roads, electricity and telephone connections to the lots. The Philippine government has a plan to build in Infanta a big port connected to the Pacific. A decision has consequently been taken recently to build a new road between Manila and Infanta. Investing in property in Infanta could thus be a good business since the prices may be expected to rise.

The five adjacent lots of 305 sq m are for sale and maybe also between one and five adjacent smaller lots of 120 sq m. Thus the area for sale is between 1 500 and 2 100 sq m. The contact person for a possible buyer is Marcial Adolfo Jr who lives in Manila and has tel no +63 2 414 93 52.